About Us

Meetconnectdevelop.com started off in 2013 as “The Expats Club” when the founder, Raj Dan set up the club in Dubai, London and Singapore.

He observed that the club was extremely effective in helping expatriates and locals who joined to rapidly and easily build social, professional and business networks. This significantly shrunk the time taken by them to settle down in their adopted cities and made their lives more pleasurable by helping them build their own support structure. It also helped locals interact with expatriates and foreign workers and expand their knowledge, understanding and awareness.

The wide range of activities offered by The Expats Club meant that members could engage in a whole range of events and travels which helped them make the most of the city they lived in.

After witnessing a rapid increase in the membership of The Expats Club, evaluating feedback from members and realising the positive impact the club has on its affiliates, Raj Dan expanded the horizons of the Club to include not only diplomats and expats but also to internationally minded locals who wished to meet new people, connect with them through meaningful interaction and develop lasting personal, social and business relationships.

Meetconnectdevelop.com organises age specific and gender balanced social events comprised of a range of formats including mix and mingle, speed friending, expert talks, self-development seminars, coaching and training assemblies and business networking sessions in the cities where it operates.

Meetconnectdevelop.com now operates close to 250 meetupgroups in 39 cities across the globe with over a million members and a single mission of connecting people, helping them develop their personality and transforming their lives!

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